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Junk-free drinks | Square Root

Square Root’s delicious junk-free drinks are made by their hardworking team of ‘Soda Jerks’ from scratch in East London. Their range includes classic flavours such as Lemonade and Cola, and popular seasonal favourites like Rhubarb.

They also specialise in high-quality non-alcoholic cocktails with all the flavour of the real thing, but none of the booze. We love their new Non-Alcoholic Mojito, which is made with three different kinds of lime, raw cane sugar and fresh mint!

For 20% off your first order over £25 use the code SODA52 at the checkout (Expires 31st August 2021). | @SquareRootLdn

Take a drink and relax. Discover the new Genesis Smart Gas Barbecues | Weber

You’re connected to your Genesis, no matter where you are. Whether prepping side dishes in the kitchen, watching the match, or enjoying time with family, you can view everything your smart barbecue has to offer - such as cooking time, most accurate food and barbecue temp, and even a readiness countdown on your smart phone. Barbecue 5-star steak, and amazing food, for friends and family, every time. | @weberuk

Suede brogues | Billy Ruffian

With the rain hopefully pushed to the background, now is the perfect time to swap your leather shoes for suede. Billy Ruffian offer handcrafted suede brogues in three colours with a choice of soles to match the occasion. Refresh your look to go out this summer. From £150. | @billyruffianshoes

A snack to remember | Big Green Egg

With outdoor gatherings having taken centre stage for much of the past year, there has never been a better time to invest in a quality barbecue. It doesn’t get much better than the Big Green Egg which allows you not only to grill but to roast, slow cook, bake and smoke. There’s a reason this ceramic barbecue has acquired such a cult following. Once you’ve mastered the basics, delicately smoked fish, crisp-based pizzas, meltingly tender pulled pork and showstopping Sunday roasts are all within easy reach. With over 40 years of experience and a design so sturdy it carries a lifetime guarantee, you know you’re in safe hands. | @BigGreenEggUK

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