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RØDE NT-USB Mini | RØDE Microphones

It's good to talk, but it's even better to be heard. If you're familiar with the thin, echoey world of built-in laptop microphones, you'll appreciate why the RØDE NT-USB Mini has come to the rescue for a lot of us over the last year, both for remote work and catching up! It's a compact, tough little USB microphone with a warm, detailed sound that works on Mac, PC and tablets. You stick it on your desk, plug in headphones, and it makes you sound more like you're in a recording studio, and less like you're on a squash court... £99 RRP | @rodemics

The George & Willy Wooden Letter Board | George & Willy

Inspired by the family favourite game of Scrabble, The George & Willy Wooden Letter Board is a fun way to display a menu, to-do list, daily specials, or announcements in your space, designed to be easily changeable with the use of wooden letter tiles which slot into aluminium rails. Suited to homes and businesses alike, The Wooden Letter Board comes with additional alphabet and number stickers to apply to the back of unused tiles should you run out, and all George & Willy products come with a lifetime warranty. | @georgeandwilly

Lorton Jacket | Craghoppers

Waterproof – tick

Sustainably made – tick

Guarantee for Life - tick

This Winter, the new waterproof jackets from Craghoppers not only keep you dry and comfortable but also leave you with that smug feeling when you know a purchase you have made has had little impact on the environment. If that wasn’t enough, the 20% off should leave you with a smile on your face. The Lorton is a good looking jacket, made from recycled AquaDry membrane stretch polyester with Ecoshield, a plant based water repellent finish. It’s perfect for any active, eco conscious lover of hiking and walking!

And we have a 20% OFF your purchase when you quote BEER52 at the checkout! | @craghoppers

Swisscave Wine Fridges | Elite Wine Refrigeration

Swisscave, as the name suggests, are based in Switzerland and produce high quality wine fridges that look fantastic. Their new Classic range has been a huge seller for Elite Wine Refrigeration who are their UK distributor - the cost effective, clean look of the Classic range is what makes them so appealing to customers across the UK and Ireland.

We’ve teamed up with Elite Wine Refrigeration to give Beer52 customers 10% OFF all the Swisscave range of wine fridges, just use the code BEER52 before September the 31st. | @elite_fridges

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