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Deliciously mouth-watering | Harvest Snaps 

Temptingly crunchy, oven baked plant based snacks. These moreish red lentil rings with real onion are lovingly seasoned with a vegan sour cream and chive seasoning. Deliciously mouth-watering. The perfect combination of tangy creamy, sour cream and savoury onion, garlic and chives and totally vegan.

With under 100 kcal per bag, they offer a healthier alternative to traditional fried products to be enjoyed with your favourite drink. Available in Waitrose, Sainsbury’s and | @harvestsnaps_uk

True magnetic force | George & Willy

The George & Willy Baker Menu is a playful way to share a menu, message or quote, with rearrangeable magnetic letters and numbers that attach to wall-mounted rails for easy reading in a brewery, bar, cafe, or office. A clean and simple design, The Baker Menu is available in a combination of black and white rails and letters, with the option of larger font sizes for headings and titles. Multiple letter boards can be stacked on top of each other, or installed side-by-side for larger letter displays too. | @georgeandwilly

Get your FatBoy on | Heat Outdoors

The clue is in the name. The FATBOY is the world’s most powerful infrared heater on the market. 

The hybrid design of a 2.4kW lamp and an extra-large parabolic reflector, makes it one of the hottest heaters around. 

One of our best sellers for pubs, bars, restaurants, and hotels, we struggle to keep this one on the shelves! Businesses call it the ‘perfect solution’ to their outdoor heating needs.

It is produced with a short-wave infrared lamp to heat people and objects, rather than the air; and is fully waterproof and IP65 rated. Even mother nature can’t stop the FATBOY! | @heatoutdoors

The gift of grooming | Manscaped

It's time to trim up with MANSCAPED's premium manscaping kit: The Performance Package. Featuring the newest Lawn Mower® 4.0 electric nut trimmer, the Weed Whacker® nose & ear trimmer, Crop Preserver® anti-chafing ball deodorant and Crop Reviver® refreshing spray for optimal below-the-waist hygiene.

Special Offer: get the MANSCAPED® Performance Package for 20% off AND you'll get a free pair of boxers, a free travel bag, + free delivery with code FERMENT! | @manscaped

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