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Weaning the brewing industry off bottles hasn’t been an easy journey, and convincing drinkers of the superiority of cans has been equally challenging. There is something romantic about an old fashioned bottle, whereas the history of canned beer is rather less glamorous. But the facts speak for themselves: cans are simply superior in almost every way, from keeping the beer in peak condition to reducing shipping costs and environmental impact.

Today, the image of cans has turned right around, assisted by the unstoppable rise of craft, with its emphasis on bold and creative label art, for which cans provide a much larger canvas. And, honestly, who among us doesn’t start salivating like Pavlov’s dog at the sweet sound of that familiar sneck-tssssss?

The speed of this change has been remarkable; even in countries where a few years ago customers would have rebelled against a switch to cans, they are now the preferred option. We at Beer52 remember our first all-can box, and bracing ourselves for a customer backlash that never came. These days, such a box passes without concern or comment; indeed, the occasional bottle feels almost retro.

Given the vastly superior environmental credentials of cans, we’re delighted to have had the kind support of Ball Cans for this Restore Our Earth box. Not only will your beer arrive deliciously fresh, but the impact of shipping will have been greatly reduced and they will be a breeze to recycle (don’t forget to recycle).

So, let’s take a moment to raise a glass to the long-maligned hero of packaged beer: the mighty aluminium can.

We love bottles too but the can has a special place in our hearts. Here's five reasons why... WE LOVE CANS

Keep out oxygen: Cans are air-tight, keeping oxygen out and our beers Garden fresh. Oxygen mutes flavour and makes beers taste dull.

Environmentally friendly: Cans are better for the environment, aluminium is 100% ‘infinitely recyclable’ so every part can be used again without loss.

Keep out light: UV light damages beer's flavour and aroma by affecting the hops. No light = no damage. Clear glass offers no protection, can is the best!

Chills better: If you love beer cold – especially in summer – cans are for you. They chill much faster than Glass and you can get a lot more in the fridge.

Lightweight: Cans are lighter and more compact, meaning less transport costs for us (and pollution) and less arm ache for you for the beach or national park.

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