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Folding chair | Craghoppers

The weather’s improving, and camping/festival season is finally upon us! Picture this: you’ve just gotten back from a long day of adventuring and you’re ready to wind down – but you’re not quite ready for bed yet. In steps Craghoppers’ Folding Chair. Its hardy aluminium frame with beechwood accents combine with a comfy polyester seat and vibrant colour-blocking synonymous with Craghoppers’ Archive range. Conveniently packable, the Folding Chair is the perfect campsite companion designed to be taken with you wherever you go. And it’s made with recycled content too! So, you can rest easy in this planet-friendly chair. | @CraghoppersUK | @Craghoppers 

Beer and gaming | PCSpecialist

Embarking on your next beer and games night? Bring the right tool for the job with a gaming PC from PCSpecialist. 

Featuring a huge range of the industry's latest and most powerful components, you can build your next PC to suit your exact requirements and keep you at the top of the leaderboards. At PCSpecialist we pride ourselves on building systems that offer maximum performance and stability – ensuring that the only thing between you and ultimate performance is a few too many beers… | @PCSpecialist

Boost your beer knowledge | Cicerone

BeerSavvy® Online by the Cicerone Certification Program uses videos, activities, and quizzes to lead you through eight professionally-designed course modules. Best of all, you’ll proceed at your own pace: you could do it all in a weekend. Or start with ten minutes today, a half-hour tomorrow—then take a break and continue in a week. You have a full 90 days to complete the course. You can complete the modules in any order and repeat them as many times as you like. When you’re ready, take the included Certified Beer Server exam to earn your first Cicerone certification.

Check out the Demo here | @Cicerone | @Cicerone

The dome for your home | Gozney

Gozney has propelled the outdoor cooking market to new heights with the launch of its latest pizza oven, the Dome. With its inspired aesthetic and innovative design, this award-winning oven is set to be this year’s must-have garden gadget. Harnessing knowledge from their commercial origins, the Dome is built using the same pro-grade materials and design principles. With temperatures reaching 500°C, the Dome can effortlessly cook restaurant quality pizza in just 60 seconds. But that’s not all, you’ll soon be able to roast, smoke, steam and bake with the Dome thanks to its range of pioneering accessories.

Available from and select retailers, RRP from £1,199. | @Gozney

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