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Little Italian bites | Crosta & Mollica

Crisp, crunchy and impossibly moreish, Tarallini are among the most-popular little snacks in all of Italy.

Hailing from Puglia, Crosta & Mollica’s Fennel Seed Tarallini are crafted by a tiny Italian bakery, from exceptional local ingredients — including soft Puglian wheat, a little white wine, fennel seeds and local extra virgin olive oil. Made with unproven dough that’s boiled before it’s baked, the Tarallini’s biscuit-like texture makes it a deliciously different pre-dinner nibble. Full of authentic Puglian flavours, they’re perfect for whenever there are cold beers near, old friends at hand, and good gossip to share. | @crostamollica | @crostamollica

The perfect hangover cure | Inside Out Drinks

Our bodies need to be looked after; when we have a heavy night out we often try to detox the next day but it’s too late.

Inside Out is a Plant and Berry based drink packed with antioxidants, bespoke to supporting a healthy liver. The drink before you drink helps flush out toxins dramatically reducing your hangover. 

This radical drink is only 29 calories per can. What are the ingredients? Water, hibiscus flower infusion, cranberry juice concentrate, natural goji extract, stevia, milk thistle, potassium sorbate and green tea extract. Give Inside Out Drinks a try and see what you think.

Lip-smacking nibbles | Howdah Snacks

We’ve all been missing our pals lately, but know what your pint’s been missing? Snacks that turn a drink into an event. Leading the pack for truly tongue-tantalising snacky things is Howdah, which offers lip-smacking nibbles that will transport you to the vibrancy of India. There’s fan-favourite Bombay Mix, Onion Bhaji (sublime with lager) plus Masala Dippers and the curiously moreish Bakarwadi Bites. 

What’s more, sales of each pack helps feed hungry school kids as part of the brand’s one-for-one charity initiative. 

Just head to and enter code BEER52 before checkout. | @howdah_snacks

Start your home brew dream | Grainfather

Love beer? Why not turn it into a hobby and start making commercial quality beer, at home? With the recent launch of the Grainfather G40 Brewing System, there’s never been a better time to start! Let the free Grainfather App guide you through your brew day with step-by-step prompts directly from your mobile device. With access to any recipe you dream of, your brewing options are endless. Produce up to 80 pints of refreshing beer to share with friends and family, or keep it all for yourself - we won't judge. Cheers to that!

Available from or your favourite home brew supplier. | @thegrainfather

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