From wedding beer to (probably) world domination


Born out of a beer brewed as a wedding favour, co-founders Mike and Luci Clayton-Jones created the concept for Double-Barrelled in 2015. Mike had been a passionate home brewer for many years prior to their wedding, and the couple began to consider the possibility of brewing on a larger scale, after loving working together to brew their wedding beer “Double-Barrelled” - named for Mike - and now Luci’s - surname.

In 2016, Mike and Luci set out on an adventure of craft beer discovery, travelling around the world, living out of backpacks, and basing their route on craft beer hotspots to gain as much inspiration for what Double-Barrelled could be. Their experiences helped shape what the brewery is today, and instilled an ethos of being inspired by new things and the motivation to grow and continually improve over time. 

Since starting out in a garage in Reading, the brewery has grown into a 6,400ft industrial unit complete with a 24HL brewhouse, canning line and on-site taproom. Since this rapid expansion, Double-Barrelled has focused on fine tuning and improving its recipes, growing its brand awareness locally and around the country.

Why is this brewery one to watch? Marketing Director Luci tells us that “Double-Barrelled has an unwavering dedication to quality – only the finest ingredients treated with the care and respect they deserve make it into our beers. Parka Pale Ale is a perfect example of this – a humble, sessionable Pale Ale that is packed with flavour and beautiful hop expression – a beer we always look forward to enjoying at the end of a long week brewing!”

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