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In a beautiful old red brick mill building in the up and coming neighbourhood of Farsley, Amity Brewing Co has quickly cemented its place in the heart of Yorkshire’s thriving craft beer community. The team behind this phenomenon is a veritable supergroup of local industry veterans, who came together to build out their long-standing shared vision, but Amity has also earned its reputation with superb, uncompromising beers right out the gate.

“Most of what we do beer-wise is modern classics, where we love a style and just want to do our own thing with it,” co-founder Russ Clarke tells us. “But we do a lot of new, trendier stuff as well: New Englands, single hop pales, Mexican lager.”

Setting up in Farsley was a key part of the vision behind Amity; the Leeds suburb is famous for having only one chain store (a Co-Op, so that’s okay), and whose loyalty to independent local business drove away even the ubiquitous presence of Greggs. 

Russ Clarke, the co-founder

“Doing this in Farsley was important to us. Even pre-pandemic, there was a trend away from people heading en-masse into town on Friday or Saturday night; they want to stay in their little community and enjoy the great things that are happening there.”

Planned and executed as a lockdown leap of faith, Amity’s brewpub in the buzzing Sunnybank Mill enjoyed its first proper summer this year. It’s a gamble that seems to have paid off; the brewery’s Instagram has been packed out with photos of families soaking up the sunshine on its large terrace, enjoying beer, coffee, food from neighbouring businesses, all among these beautiful remnants of Yorkshire’s industrial past. 

“It’s been great to see that vision we had for the place really come alive this year,” says Russ. “Brewing and selling to people through the roller door out back was fine for a start, but you can’t beat the feeling of having people actually in the taproom, and having a great time with something you’ve created.”

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