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In De Wildeman

As credible as it is comfortable, and as capacious as it is cool, no beer pilgrimage to Amsterdam is complete without a visit to this legendary bar. Located in a former distillery, it couldn’t be more central, and with 18 taps there’s a great selection but still a reassuring amount of quality control. Of course, the 250 bottled beers from around the world will still make your selection a tricky but enjoyable task. It’s a good mixed crowd of locals and tourists and, although it’s lively, you can be sure everyone is ultimately here for the same thing.



The kind of fun little bar where you’re guaranteed to feel like a local, boasting a wide selection of brews from around Amsterdam, as well as many favourites from the US. When the Amsterdam brewers go out drinking, this is often where they’ll end up, so watch out for marauding bands of matching branded hoodies. There are also enough non-beer options on the menu to appeal to the beer refusenik in your life.


Beer Temple

All hail the Beer Temple. All hail… Seriously, it’s an institution; if you’re involved in the Amsterdam beer scene and have not worked at the Beer Temple at some point, you need to check yourself. There’s a strong emphasis on American craft among the mildly absurd 35 draft lines and 200 bottles, but also a stellar (no pun intended) line-up of Belgian beauties. They serve Rodenbach’s Foederbeer on draft, for goodness sake.

Beer Temple

De Biertuin

Just a really lovely bar with friendly staff and a good selection on tap and bottle. It feels very Belgian, for reasons that go beyond the carefully curated range of Belgian beers on offer. A great place for a spot of lunch with your beer. The rotisserie chicken is particularly succulent, and oddly effective against hangovers.


Drie Fleschjes

Not in any sense a beer bar, but worth an honourable mention as a historical Amsterdam pub, with sand on the floors, casks (allegedly full) lining one wall, and a barman who looks like he’d greet your most terrible secrets with a sympathetic smile and some homespun Dutch wisdom. You probably won’t stay for more than one, unless Genever and pilsner are really your thing. Try the ossenworst though – raw minced ox meat – served with a dollop of mustard. It great, no bull.

Drie Fleisches-1

Tales and Spirits

There’s a good reason this tiny place on the border of the red light district is consistently ranked among the best cocktail bars in the world. The atmosphere is great, the cocktails are shockingly inventive and – best of all – the staff all have that special knack for making you feel like they’ve been waiting all day just to chat with you. The only slight problem is that there’s a lot to see in Amsterdam, and you won’t want to leave here. 

Tails and Spirits-1

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