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BEER TO BUBBLES | London Bathers

It’s a short leap from cold beers to hot baths. Both feature bubbles, it’s just that London Bathers unleash theirs from a range of organic hand washes, shower gels and handmade bar soaps. Add soaking salts, design-led accessories and plastic-free packaging to the mix and London Bathers have you covered for everyday essentials or proper gift ideas. 

Use the code FERMENT15 at checkout before 20 December and they’ll scrub 15% off your order, with free UK delivery. Trade enquiries are welcome too. Happy bathing. | @londonbathers


The hard seltzer craze officially landed in the UK earlier this year, fresh from converting an entire generation of Stateside drinkers away from more traditional tipples. A simple blend of alcohol, fruit flavourings and sparkling water – hard seltzers bring a simple and refreshing alternative for the modern-day drinker – who might be opting for something a little lighter over the festive period. Long Shot brings an all-natural twist to this new style – the only flavourings come from high-quality fruit juice, rather than anything artificial. The result is a fruity-fresh hit that packs a 4% punch, and pours a bright, distinctive colour. 

A cheeky stocking filler for those looking to shake up the classic Christmas brews.


The Bradley Smoker range has something for everyone, from backyard beginners to smoking aficionados. Bradley's CleanSmoke™ Technology provides the purest smoke flavour you can get. Fully automatic, add Bisquettes® then smoke for up to 10 hours. You choose the time, temperature and amount of smoke. Giving consistent, deliciously pure smoked results, every time! From hot or cold smoking to US-style barbecue to the art of charcuterie - the options are limitless and the Bradley Smoker can do it all. Impress your guests this Christmas with a deliciously smoked Turkey. Use the exclusive BEER52 discount code for 20% off your order! | @BradleySmoker_Europe


NO GUNK makes award-winning all-natural haircare for funky fellas! Their All-Natural Grooming Gift Set is the perfect haircare package that’ll make your Funky Fella's hair look good and feel healthier this Christmas. They’ve bundled their award-winning Matte Lava Clay and Fig Barbary Natural Shampoo in a luxurious gift box. Their products boast premium natural ingredients like Shea Butter, Hemp Oil and Cactus Seed Oil which nourish and strengthen hair. 

Gift Set only £25.99 - Shop online at NOGUNK.COM and use the code BEER52 for 15% off (Expires 25/12/20). | @nogunkofficial

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