Pete Brown’s Master Beer Taster

Ferment editor Richard Croasdale introduces the new craft beer qualification from renowned UK beer guru and Beer52


Most craft beer fans will agree that knowledge plays a huge part in their enjoyment of the hobby. There are those who love getting together with their pals and sparring over who can out-nerd the rest with their deep knowledge of Bavarian brewing traditions. There are also those who hoard facts for their own sake, like mental collectables, to be taken down and dusted off every so often. But, for us at least, the most compelling argument for bolstering your beer education is to enhance your enjoyment of the pint in your hand; whether it’s historical context, technical brewing nous or a grasp of the latest trends, a fully rounded understanding of your beer’s story will allow you to perceive things you might otherwise miss, and to more fully appreciate every last sip.

It’s only when you set out to actively educate yourself that you realise just how much there is to learn

We inevitably pick up a lot of this context as we go along our individual beer journeys. We visit breweries, chat to knowledgeable bar folk, read the blurb on the can or bottle, or get cornered by a beer-mad mate keen to show off. But beer is one of those subjects where it’s only when you set out to actively educate yourself that you realise just how much there is to learn, technically, historically and culturally. In my own quest for greater understanding, I gravitated toward the writing of certain key authors – writers who really seemed to grasp the relationships between these distinct aspects of beer – including Michael Jackson, Randy Mosher and Britain’s own Pete Brown.

So when Beer52 set out to create its own beer education programme, asking Pete to write the syllabus and curate the accompanying selection of beers felt like an obvious choice, and we were delighted when he agreed.

In this comprehensive four-part course, students will learn about the great brewing traditions of the UK, Belgium, Germany and the USA, including 32 iconic beers delivered to your door, telling the story of how the current golden age of beer came to be. You will learn about the styles, the ingredients and how to identify the subtle flavours and aromas that make the beery world so wonderfully broad. And at the end of each module, you will take an online test of everything you’ve learned, building toward a Master Beer Taster certification.

So whether you’re looking for an edge over your mates in the next pub duel, or simply want to unlock the hidden secrets of your next Beer52 box, Pete Brown’s Master Beer Taster course is essential knowledge for anyone wanting to level up.

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