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The coolest uncool outdoor gadget | Craghoppers

Calling all tech geeks who appreciate the phrase: “aircraft grade 7075 aluminium”. Craghoppers has launched the new Treklite Compact walking poles which are very lightweight, strong and packable! Perfect for adding minimum weight to your backpack. And before you ask. No. Owning a pair of walking poles does not mean an admission to getting old! Consider them your secret weapon on your next hill walk. You will be hammering the ascents and descents like a pro! 

And we have 20% off your purchase when you quote BEER52 at checkout – just to lighten the load even more. | @craghoppers

Ooni Karu 16  | Ooni Pizza Ovens 

Not content with creating the portable pizza oven category in 2012, and allowing backyard-owners around the world to bake truly amazing pizza at home, Ooni Pizza Ovens is releasing their biggest, most game-changing oven yet. 

The Ooni Karu® 16 multi-fuel pizza oven brings advanced technology to the pizza party. With multiple fuel options, and new design features, you can make 16-inch pizzas while enjoying better temperature control, more fuel-efficient air flow, increased oven insulation and better visibility. After just 15 minutes of preheating, you’ll be cooking at 500°C, making flame-cooked pizzas in 60 seconds, perfectly seared steaks, grilled veggies and more. Level up your outdoor cooking experience. | @oonihq  

Award-winning world’s first African & Caribbean rum | Equiano

Equiano Light is refreshingly unique, an exceptional blend of lightly aged molasses rum from the award-winning Barbadian Foursquare, fused with fresh sugar cane juice rum from Mauritius’ Gray’s Distillery, to create a lightly aged rum with a flavour profile of days gone by. It delivers subtle notes of ripe sugarcane and hints of natural vanilla and citrus, making it the ideal spirit for classics like The Daiquiri, or for the new-style long Rum highballs. Created by co-founder and Global Rum Ambassador Ian Burrell, The Equiano Rum Co. continues to redefine a four-century-old industry by offering never-before-seen blends of category defining rums. Use code FERMENT10 at checkout for 10% off. | @equianorum

A snack to remember | Wild Cassava Chips

Wild Cassava Chips are sustainable, healthy and direct from source. Each bite is seasoned to perfection, offering an addictive crunch. With no added nasties and all-natural ingredients, Wild Cassavas are a snack to remember! The entire range is vegan, Kosher Pareve certified, Non-GMO, and free from the top 14 allergens too. Exciting and adventurous, like roaring through the jungle and swinging from the trees, these punchy and invigorating cassava chips will take you back to your natural earth roots.

PS: Did you know that Cassavas are a cousin of the potato? Only the naughtier, wilder kind ;) | @wildcassavachips

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