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Our founder, craft beer obsessive James Brown discovered his passion for craft beer during an epic road trip from his home in Edinburgh to Faro, on the back of his dad's Harley-Davidson. Stopping at tiny pubs and brewhouses along the way, he found beers that were not only delicious, but that he'd never heard of before.

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Our expert beer tasters are continuing our founder's adventure by tasting the most cutting edge beers from around the world. Craft beer is experimental - some make the grade, while others don't - we only feature our favourites in your box. You'll never drink bad beer again.

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Citra Star, Anarchy Brew co.
Citra Star, Anarchy Brew co.

A clean and refreshing blonde beer bursting with citrusy hoppy aromas. It’s light body and passion fruit flavour taste delightful on a Summer’s day.

IPA, St Andrews Brewing Co
IPA, St Andrews Brewing Co

This IPA gets its perfect balance of sweet caramel, malty base and tropical fruit bitterness from the use of five aromatic North-West American hops.

Railway Porter, Five Points Brewing
Railway Porter, Five Points Brewing

A take on the classic London Porter, this dark and wonderful drink is brewed with East Kent Goldings hops and seven distinct malts, giving it a unique character and rich flavour.

Dubbel, Tickety Brew
Dubbel, Tickety Brew

Based on the world-famous Belgian style brewed by Trappist monks. It’s a dark beer but since it hasn’t been made with roasted malts, the taste is smooth and sweet.

Continumm, Hardknott
Continumm, Hardknott

A contemporary American style pale ale with buckets of West Coast American hops like Cascade, Dentennial, Citra and Williamette.

Steph Weiss, Brewers & Union
Steph Weiss, Brewers & Union

A delicately smooth and creamy craft white beer with intriguing aromas of vanilla, all-spice and clove.

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Christopher Weighill


Box number 2 from @Beer52HQ... Some interesting looking brews!



An all Scottish theme to this month's @beer52hq delivery and I haven't tried any of them before :-)



Craft Beer delivered straight to your door with @Beer52HQ

Our manifesto

Gone are the days of watery, fizzy, tin cans of nothingness. Craft beer is rebellious, anti-establishment and witty. A good craft beer takes ingenuity and imagination to brew.

An army of thousands are tinkering and tweaking. Inventing, discovering and creating. Strong beers, fruity beers, hoppy beers, all for you to discover.

Free yourself from big beer brand slavery.
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Send your tastebuds on the ultimate craft beer road trip.

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