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World's best online beer festival!

Cyber Fest
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World's best online beer festival!

  • 12 beers, beer guide, glass (RRP £49.99).
  • Support breweries during Covid-19.
  • Christmas Party at home with live-streamed brewery tours, tastings and Q&As.
  • Comedy, celebrities, prizes and more cool stuff...

Why not have your Christmas party at Cyber Fest?

Enjoy a great shared experience this Christmas - tasting 12 beers together, safely from home. Bookings of 10+ people will get your own private video chat bar on Cyber Alley. For more info and to book your work or family Christmas party email

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RRP £49.99
SAVE £15
  • 12 beers
  • Festival Glass
  • Beer Guide
RRP £49.99
SAVE £15
  • 12 beers
  • Festival Glass
  • Beer Guide
RRP £94.99
SAVE £30
  • 24 beers
  • 2 Festival Glasses
  • Beer Guide
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All orders ship w/c 30th November in time for the festival. £4.99 delivery applies.

Join us for the ultimate Christmas Party at home.

Join us for the ultimate Christmas Party at home.

More than 75,000 people tuned into previous Cyber Fests, we've enjoyed some incredible beers, trended on Twitter, and had a tonne of fun along the way. We're offering you the chance to celebrate great beer with us for the festive season. Help us support more of our favourite breweries and share this awesome experience with our community.

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Featuring 12 new beers each night


Brew By Numbers, Citra Amarillo IPA, 6% *440ml can*

Track, It's All Relative, Citra Nelson NZ Session, 5% *440ml can*

71 Brewing, Sat by The Ocean NEIPA, 6% *440ml can*

Pomona Island, Factotum Pale Ale, 4% *440ml can*

Duration, Sweeping Coast, 4.8% *440ml can*

Overtone, Weapons of Mass Consumption, 5% *440ml can*

SALT, Angora DDH IPA, 6.5% *440ml can*

Docks Beers, Graveyard Shift Coconut Milk Stout, 4.5%

Jopen, Hazy WIt DIPA, 7.8%

White Hag, Black Forest Gateaux Pastry Stout, 5.5%

Lines Brew Co, Migration Lager, 4.3%

Tempest, Elemental Porter, 5.1%


Whiplash, Space Operator DDH Idaho7 IPA, 6.8% *440ml can*

Siren, Do Repeat Yourself Brut Pale Ale, 4.5% *440ml can*

Full Circle, What's in the Bag? DDH Pale Ale, 5.2% *440ml can*

Boundary, Forever Ago NEIPA, 6% *440ml can*

Turning Point, Perpetual Pale Ale, 4.5% *440ml can*

New Bristol Brewery, Big Cinder Toffee Stout, 7% *440ml can*

Garden, Kviek Session IPA, 4.2%

Tiny Rebel, What's Cooler than Being Cool DIPA, 8%

White Hag, Eggnog APA, 6%

Brew York, Fairytale of Brew York Pecan and Maple Stout, 4.9%

Two Tribes, Mariachi Lager, 4.7%

Hammerton, Crunch PB Stout, 5.4%

Limited edition festival glass included in every box

Limited edition festival glass included in every box

Each festival box contains a special limited edition Cyber Fest glass. What better way to enjoy your awesome beers while you watch our online beer festival each night.

Beer festival FAQs

Why did you make an online beer festival?

We invented this concept as an antidote to the lockdown. Our brewery friends have no beer festivals to go to and a lot of beer they need to sell and are facing a hard time thanks to Covid closing all the pubs.

What is an online beer festival?

We'll be livestreaming 4 hours of tastings, brewery tours, comedy and other fun content each session. You can drink along at home to tastings of each beer and take part in our quiz and other competitions.

Will the beers be different each night?

Yes! Each night will be 12 different beers from 12 different breweries. A few breweries may be featured on both nights, but with different beers.

When will you send the beer out?

All orders will be shipped during w/c 30th November so that they arrive in plenty of time for the events on 11th/12th December.

Should I drink all 12 beers on the night?

Definitely not! There are some very high ABV beers in the box and we recommend coming back to the video as many times as you like in the weeks after the live show to try the beers you don't get round to drinking on the night.

Can I watch the livestream after the event date?

Yes! The show will be available on our YouTube for several weeks after the show has ended.

What breweries and beers are in the box?

The beers and breweries are listed above and we're working on confirming the rest of the lineup. They will all be top end beers from some of the most highly rated breweries in the world.

Where and when will the live stream take place?

The show will be broadcast from 6pm both nights at our YouTube channel

Can I participate in Cyber Fest?

We'll be sending out an email to all participants ahead of the show with details on how you can take part. We are looking for volunteers to Skype video call during the night as well as to take part in games and challenges. If you're up for it or have some ideas of your own, email

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