We're B Corp certified.

As the leading B Corp within the beer and wine club market, we're recognised as meeting the highest levels of environmental and social standards.

Being one of a handful of these companies in Scotland, we're proud to be part of a small group of businesses that prioritise having a positive impact on our people, planet and community.

What is a B Corp?

A B Corp is a type of business that balances profit and purpose. It aims to benefit society, workers, the community, and the environment, alongside shareholder profit. As a B Corp, we have been certified for meeting high standards of social and environmental performance, accountability, and transparency.

Join us and support our mission to build a community that discovers and supports the world's best craft producers.

We're proud to stand with:

Being positive, inclusive, and credible.

Supporting craft breweries

Since we began our journey 10 years ago, we've been on a mission to support the world's best independent craft breweries and wineries. Our community has enjoyed many millions of beers and wines together in that time. As well as having fun drinking our way around the world, we've been able to support thousands of small businesses. We've been proud to watch as the industry we're a part of has flourished, creating jobs and allowing these passionate producers to thrive.

Championing sustainability

Since 2019, we have been proudly certified as Carbon Neutral under the UN's Climate Neutral Now Initiative. As well as offsetting our carbon emissions by investing in tree planting and carbon capture projects, we work closely with our suppliers to promote environmentally-conscious agricultural methods. We have also dramatically reduced the amount of plastic and cardboard used in our supply chain and constantly seek to reduce packaging waste.

Funding good causes

We are proud to use our platform to promote issues we believe in, through content in our magazines and by producing exclusive collaboration beers that raise money for good causes. We have supported a multitude of organisations doing great work to promote inclusiveness within the beer community, the environment and other social causes.

A great place to work

Our people are at the heart of everything we do and as our team has grown to almost 100 people, we've become a valued employer in our community. As a certified Living Wage Employer, we have a focus on developing exciting careers within the worlds of beer and wine, supply chain, marketing and creative. At our award-winning headquarters in Edinburgh, we have a shared passion for creating an amazing product for our customers and supporting the small suppliers that make it all possible.

Together, we're building a force for good.

Your support makes a difference in building a thriving network dedicated to celebrating the world's best craft producers.