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This month's box

Indy Man Beer Con 17

This month we're bringing you our favourite beers from the Indy Man Beer Con featuring breweries such as Buxton Brewery, Siren Craft Brew, Dry & Bitter, Fierce Beer, Five Points Brewing Co., and Ridgeside Brewing Co.

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  • Rob Brown
  • Taster
  • reviewed

  • Arrogant Bastard

"What they say is true - this in a bold beer. Complex and delicious, another killer brew from Stone!"

  • James Taylor
  • Super Taster
  • reviewed

  • Pogo

"Brimming with tropical fruit character, super refreshing."

  • Tyler Mortimer
  • Master Taster
  • reviewed

  • Bombay Dazzler

"Goes great with a curry, nice notes of coriander and cardamom."