Welcome to Occitanie

We’re heading to Occitanie in the south of France, a region which includes the famous winemaking territories of Languedoc and Rousillon


Ah, Occitanie, the ancient land of Occitan, where South West France meets the Pyrenees, Spain, and the sea. Romantic and wild in parts, touristic and sun-drenched in others, it comes as no surprise that the wines from this region are as diverse as the landscape.

For many years, wine in this region was famous for three things: Vin Ordinaire (made with plenty of Carignan), Blanquette de Limoux and Armagnac. Over the past few decades, however, local winemakers have turned their production towards a different range of grape varieties, more eco-conscious winemaking methods and more easy-drinking styles. In this month’s box, for example, you’ll find lighter, brighter, more fruity, tropical styles by wineries looking to the modern dinner table for inspiration, as well as deeper, more classic expressions of local style.

Using the unique terroir of the region, and its weather too, winemakers in Occitanie are keen to represent the full range of the area’s extremes. From hot coastal plains to dry, rocky mountains from where the Tramontane winds blow, fragrant Provençal garrigue moorlands and deep river valleys, this is a region where wine can express a real and hyperlocal sense of place, all beautifully connected by the clay and limestone beneath the surface.

Come for the scenery, stay for the wines, that’s what we say. And rethink your opinion on Carignan too — we have.

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