Welcome to Sicily

Benvenuti in Sicilia!


We couldn’t be more excited to be on the island of Sicily this month – a fascinating wine region with great native grape varieties and a very distinctive terroir, yet whose reputation is most closely associated with Marsala fortified wine. Set aside your preconceptions though (if you even have any – Sicily tends to fly below the wine radar somewhat) and you’ll discover the diverse landscapes of Sicily mean it can almost be viewed in wine terms as a country in its own right, rather than simply an extension of Italy. From the strong, sea-kissed grapes of marsala to the delicious mineralic whites of the slopes of Mt Etna, there is so much to unpack here.

Andrea Gawood at Divi, who we worked with closely in putting together this month’s wine selection, sums it up perfectly.

“I often feel like Sicily is kind of an untapped resource in terms of Italian wine, and in the wine world more broadly,” she says. “We at Divi really enjoy working with some of these smaller, less export-focused wineries and getting them in front of businesses like Wine52, that are interested in going off the beaten track to find really great wines that might otherwise be a little bit inaccessible. The selection we’ve put together here I think is a good representation of the island, and of a winemaking community that I’ve got to know really well over the years. They care passionately about their craft, and I really think that comes across.”

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