Winery with a fascinating history of local winemaking stretching back over a thousand years


Bodegas Murviedro takes its somewhat romantic name from the ‘Muri Veretes’ – or ‘old walls’ – that embrace the historic Villa of Requena, protecting it through numerous battles during the Reconquista period. The winery has made its home in the town of Requena since its foundation in 1927, continuing a fascinating history of local winemaking stretching back over a thousand years, complete with traditional methods and world unique autochthonous grape varieties. 

Winemaker Juan José Muñoz says: “We started our project by searching for the best vineyards; the oldest, most historical farming estates that would offer us the best fruit... and found a land of hundred-year-old varieties in the El Ardal area. Its continental climate with Mediterranean influence provides our wines with a characteristic personality, which tinges them with remarkable nobility and softness.”

Despite being steeped in such rich tradition, Murviedro constantly pushes forward in technology and technique, with progressive R&D projects looking at every aspect from earth to bottle.

“Our big push is around making natural and healthy wines through the microbiological analysis and control of fermentation,” says Juan José. “Many of our vineyards are grown organically using biodynamic techniques, as well as production and ageing methods that are as environmentally friendly as possible. In addition, we also produce vegan wines which avoid the use of products of animal origin during the entire winemaking process.

“At Bodegas Murviedro, our policies and commitment to preserving and looking after our environment form a fundamental part of our philosophy. We champion sustainable viticulture and oenology and as such our wines are made in complete harmony with our surroundings. Our land is everything to us; all of our wines are made with autochthonous varieties, giving a pure representation of our landscape, where just a sip is like traveling to the place of origin.”

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