Winery specialising particularly in sparkling wine with vineyards located in a high altitude


Located in Requena, the regional wine capital, Cavamur was created in 1996 with the mission of harnessing modern technology and production methods to open the world of high quality Spanish wine to a wider market. It specialises in particular in sparkling wine, made in both the Charmat and Champenoise methods.

Requena is a municipality in the province of Valencia, located on the left bank of the river Magro. The town used to be a Moorish fortress, occupying a strong position in the mountainous region of Las Cabrillas. It is dominated by the ancient citadel of the Moors, and still has traces of the original town walls, while the extensive cave network beneath the citadel has been used since ancient times for making wine and sheltering from sieges. Each September since 1948, the town has held a festival, ‘La fiesta de la Vendimia,’ paying tribute to the its main historical source of income and sustenance: the vineyard and the wine.

“Requena is one of the key sites for Cava production and we are very proud of our climatology,” says winemaker Maria Ballesteros. “We can say that we’re making mountain viticulture, as our vineyards are located from 600 to 850 metres altitude; ideal conditions for fresh nights during summer, that are a key point for preserving natural acidity, and floral and fruity primary aromas. Then work is directed to balance the ripeness, enhance the varietal character, and acquire crispiness.”

Cavamur makes traditional cava with classic Macabeo in whites and Garnacha for Rosés, but also works with Chardonnay and – as something of a speciality – with Sauvignon Blanc in the Charmat method. 

Maria continues “We also make still wine varietals, but our best quality wines are sparkling, especially our Brut Charmat Sauvignon Blanc and our Frizzante sweet Muscat. In Cavas, we’re concentrated in young Macabeo based Cavas.

“We search for poor soils, avoiding excessive fertility, and more limestone, apart from the red clayish soil which is characteristic for us. The best plots are south facing in the Sierra del Negrete mountain system.”

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