Welcome to Bordeaux

It’s not all châteaus and dusty bottles


Think of Bordeaux, and you will picture grand stone châteaus and historical chais filled with refined, highly structured, noble reds, produced according to recipes and techniques dating back hundreds of years. Perhaps the ultimate bastion of impenetrable French wine culture, a bottle of Bordeaux does not give up its secrets easily: a cream-coloured label declaring Château Mystérieux, no indication of what grapes might be involved. What is this wine, exactly? It’s a Bordeaux, pal, now hand over your wallet.

But the times are changing, as we hope you’ll find from the excellent selection of wines in this month’s box. Lively whites and boisterous, punchy reds are as crowd-pleasing as anything from the New World, while still retaining the depth and sophistication that marked out Bordeaux as the heart of the winemaking world for centuries. 

The wineries too are pleasingly eccentric, ranging from literal mom-and-pop châteaus, tending a few hectares of well-loved vines, ranging right up to huge co-operatives, harnessing the latest technology to conquer international markets.

So, leave your preconceptions at the door, and take a taste of the real Bordeaux. It’s actually been there this whole time.

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