Bodegas Latúe

Sustainability and tradition working hand-in-hand


Bodegas Latúe is a multi-generational, family-owned cellar, specialising in vegan and organic wines. Founded in 1954 by 131 families of wine growers from Villanueva de Alcardete (Toledo), its hard work and dedication contributes to the economic, social and ecological sustainability of the municipality, and to the maintenance of the population in the rural area.

Located in the centre of Spain, its vineyards are all within 15 kilometres of the winery, inhabiting a rough and rolling landscape that’s typical of La Mancha. They have an average altitude of 725 meters above the sea level, sheltered by the banks of the Gigüela River and influenced by a continental Mediterranean climate with warm summers and cold winters. This natural enclave of 4,300 hectares provides ideal conditions for viniculture, with scarce rain and a stony brown-copper soil on limestone giving Bodegas Latúe’s wines exceptional quality and distinctive personality.

The soul of Bodegas Latúe though is undoubtedly its 450 associate families; descendants of the founding members, with an average age of 55 and average estate size of seven hectares. These associates work with a highly qualified team and modern facilities, equipped with the most advanced winemaking technologies, to produce wines of excellent quality, allowing the company to lead in an increasingly competitive market.

Most importantly though, the founding spirit of Bodegas Latúe remains intact to this day – encompassing entrepreneurship, ecology, sustainability, and social responsibility – and is highly valued by the company’s associates, customers and the communities in which it operates. 

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