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It’s well known that our sense of taste is closely linked to our sense of smell and that is why food seems tasteless when we have a cold.

However, even without a cold, our ability to recognise anything more than the most common aromas in food and drink is often very poor. But with training, your sense of smell can be improved beyond measure and this is exactly what Le Nez du Vin is designed to do.

Each Le Nez du Vin olfactory book contains a series of scent bottles, each one encapsulating an aroma commonly found in wine. The bottles are individually numbered, not labelled, and so by smelling the aromas and checking against the crib sheet, you can gradually learn to recognise each characteristic without prompting. 

Then once you have learned to recognise the aromas blind, you will be able to understand why, how and when they appear in the wines you drink, thanks to the wealth of information provided in the book.

It is an incredible and easily accessible source of knowledge for wine amateurs and professionals alike.

There are seven different kits in the range, but by far the most popular is the Le Nez du Vin 54 aroma Masterkit, closely followed but the Wine Faults kit, and all can raise your tasting experience to a completely new level.

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