Agresti Vini

Showing the world how good Puglian grapes can be.


The Agresti family has worked the land of the Murgia plateau since 1930, when Vincenzo Agresti – the grandfather and namesake of the current owner of Agresti Vini – began producing extra virgin olive oil, strictly from olives of the Coratina variety. In the following 90 years though, the company has increased both in volume and the diversity of its operations, while remaining 100% family owned and run. 

The third generation – in the form of Vincenzo and Savino – began taking the family business onto their shoulders in the 1980s, working alongside their grandfather, Vincenzo, and their father, Riccardo. Since the 90s, the pair have run the business independently, diversifying its production from extra virgin olive oil into wine, and breaking into new national and international markets. It now owns 10 hectares of land, and constant innovation of processes and techniques has insured a steady growth in volume and quantity.

Agresti Vini is best known for wines with a distinct local character. Its grapes are lovingly cultivated in the territory of the Murgia, a karstic plateau within the metropolitan area of Bari and the province of Barletta-Andria-Trani. The area is characterised by predominantly clay and sandy soil on the surface, above a deep limestone layer.

Specifically, its vineyards are located in the cities of Andria – especially in the area below the Castel del Monte – Canosa, and Minervino Murge, at an altitude between 250 and 400 meters above sea level. Their location gives Agresti Vini’s vines the benefit of a temperate climate, particularly mild and comfortable during the spring and autumn, with cold winters and mild summers.

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