Cantine di Castignano

The team speaks to Cantine di Castignano


Situated in the charming historical village from which it takes the name, Cantine di Castignano has been operating since 1960, when it became the first cooperative winery in the Piceno territory. It is today considered a benchmark for viniculture and winemaking in the region, and certainly of the most successful, with around 500 hectares of vineyards and many partners.

The winery’s focus is on the locally-sourced, indigenous grape varieties that are at the heart of the region’s winemaking tradition. Cantine di Castignano’s connection to the village runs far deeper than its name though. The tradition, culture and the passion of its people have given the winery deep roots here, where vineyards flourish in this unique terroir, bordered by the Sibylline Mountains to the west and by the Adriatic Sea in the east.

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