The team speaks to Piersanti


A true family enterprise from day one, Piersanti was founded in 1955 by Giovanni Piersanti, alongside his children Silveria and Carlo, who had already gained considerable expertise in the field of sparkling wines. In the fullness of time, Carlo’s own sons, Giuliano and Ottavio, took to the helm, carrying forward their father and grandfather’s tenacious work ethic and unwavering passion for the craft.

In its earliest days, Piersanti worked its magic from a single room, with a focus on bottling primarily sparkling wines to cater to the prevailing tastes of the time. However, as market demands evolved in the mid-1980s, so did Piersanti’s operations. The family invested in an expansive modern winery, spanning over 2,500 sqm, which today stands as the beating heart of the business. This state-of-the-art facility’s forest of stainless steel tanks can now hold more than 35,000 quintals of wine.

Over the years Piersanti has incorporated the latest winemaking techniques into its traditional practice. Employing cold fermentation and soft pressing at controlled temperatures, the winery is able to achieve consistently high standards across a much wider range of styles, with complete control over its output.

Piersanti’s flagship offering, the Verdicchio dei Castelli di Jesi DOC Classico (Nascondin) is an exquisite, straw-hued wine, tinged with delicate greenish reflections, with a dry palate and a refreshingly bitter afternote that’s characteristic of the region’s famous Verdicchio variety.

Through an ever-evolving approach, Piersanti has enjoyed considerable success with drinkers and award panels alike, for wines including its renowned Rosso Conero DOC, as well as its delectable sweet sparkling wines. Its journey, from a single room to a celebrated wine dynasty, serves as an inspiration to vintners and wine enthusiasts alike.

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