De Angelis

The team talks to Tenuta De Angelis.


The De Angelis Estate was founded in the 1950s by Alighiero De Angelis and his wife Giovanna Ciabattoni in the small countryside village of Cossignano, in the Piceno area of Le Marche. It was here that the couple established their first winery, creating wine from their own vineyards and those of other local grape farmers.

In 1985, Quinto Fausti entered the family business and, with his wife Elide de Angelis, began a new era. They built a new, modern winery and planted new vineyards, to support a major transition from the production and sale of unbottled wine into high quality bottled DOC wines. The hard work didn’t end there though, and it took many years of research into native grape varieties including Montepulciano, Sangiovese, Pecorino, Trebbiano and Passerina, to transform the winery into a successful international business.

Like most family businesses, the De Angelis winery has evolved as each new generation has taken the reins. Most recently, Alighiero and Elisa Fausti, the grandchildren of the founders, brought a new level of professional management, and diversified its portfolio. In particular though, the new generation has fully embraced Tenuta De Angelis’ emphasis health, naturalness and respect of the terroir, by applying the philosophy and technology of organic crop production in its vineyards. As well as being organically grown, its vines have permanent grass cover and a limited number of bunches on each vine, enhancing the quality of the wines in a natural way. The harvest is carried out by hand, and the grapes are carefully selected and sorted inside the vineyards.

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