Chiusa Grande

Chiusa Grande


Situated in the very soul of Abruzzo, surrounded by the mystical Majella mountains to the West and the Gran Sasso d’Italia to the east, Chiusa Grande has 60 hectares of vines dedicated to sustainable, organic wine production, where a respectful relationship with nature is core.

The origins of Chiusa Grande stretch back to the 1970s, when its founder Rocco D’Eusanio bought the first acres in Pescara. He passed his interest in wine to his son, Franco, whose passion for nature and innovation birthed the vineyards’ pioneering approach to organic production, and earned him the (frankly wonderful) title of ‘Vinosopher’.

In 1991, the vineyard successfully vowed to take a fully organic approach to its production, guided by ethical principles to respect the grapes, the environment and the customer. Since then, the winery has been focused on experimental natural wine projects which mirror traditional techniques, producing naturally sparkling Pét-Nat wines, wines free from sulphites and more recently, open-air winemaking. 

It’s not just Chiusa Grande’s ethical approach to vinification that should be celebrated, but also its passionate and dedicated team, from the vignerons in the field to its passionate oenologists. The sum of this experience is apparent in Chiusa Grande’s wines, renowned for their cleanliness and ease of drinking; each wine perfectly expresses its unique personality from the grape and terroir. This all stems from Franco’s own ‘vinosphere’ approach, through which he envisions the emotion the wine will convey through its taste and aromas, and then selects the vineyard, most suitable grape and winemaking techniques to achieve his vision. 

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