Anna Spinato

Anna Spinato


Anna Spinato, along with her son Roberto, often speak of how privileged they are to live and grow their company in the stunning Venetian landscape, and of their passion for their land “that deserves love and respect, thanks to the delicate, natural equilibrium that supports it”. It is from their love of this land that they create the outstanding DOC and DOCG that represent the best of the territory.

This passion was driven by Anna’s father, Pietro Spinato, who created the company in 1952. He saw the tremendous oenological potential of the soils fed by the nearby waters of the Piave River, giving the wines freshness and minerality. From these soils, Pietro and his daughter created stunning wines, which they sold in local town festivals and in Venice, where they shared their products with the city’s famous and popular ‘Bacari’ wine bars. 

These trips, now precious memories, have fuelled Anna’s love for the wines and sharing them with people. Her customers are no longer just found in the nearby bars of Veneto, but now expanded into an international audience. This evolution has also involved her son Roberto, and the Spinato winery now uses multiple microclimates and various winemaking techniques to create typical Veronese wines, including Prosecco, Ravoso, and Malanotte. The mother and son duo now use more sustainable practices, helping maintain the integrity of the land and its traditions, but it also looks to the future of winemaking, creating wines of the highest quality aromas and flavours.

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