The Cavazza estate was founded by Giovanni Cavazza in 1928, at a time when vines were grown around other crops, such as alfalfa and corn, allowing the harvest to be alternated according to season. This historic ‘pianata’ system has been part of the Cavazza tradition for over 90 years. The fourth-generation winery is now run by four cousins who have developed a focused approach to all aspects of production, from the sustainable viticulture of their 143 hectares, to packaging more than six hundred thousand bottles a year.  

The Cavazza family are immensely proud of their land in two lesser-known appellations, Gamberllara and Colli Beric, both of which boast distinctive landscapes, microclimates, and soils, allowing a diverse portfolio of red and white varietals to be grown. On one hill in green vineyards of the Gamberllara area sits hectares of a native white varietal, arganega; the vines grow well in the volcanic rock, plentiful in iron, magnesium, and nourishing minerals, that allow the roots to grow deep and breathe into the porous rocks. This minerality speaks clearly in the white wine’s taste, as do hints of almond and white flowers. 

Sustainable viticulture is a significant drive for the four cousins. Choices are made that ensure quality over quantity, including green pruning and hand harvesting. Significant investment has also been made in a solar power system that covers the estate warehouse and bottling facility, allowing the estate to be completely self-sufficient. Visitors to the vineyards will see hectares of vines interspersed with olive groves, woods, morello, and strawberry trees. By meticulously enforcing and constantly improving its sustainable practices, Cavazza ensures the protection and preservation of the unique, diverse, and stunning Venetian landscape.

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