Cocktail: Bellini

This month's special tipple.


The Bellini is a true classic, in the sense that it creates a harmony of flavour and texture, bringing seasonal, regional flavours together in a drink that’s so simple to put together, yet so undeniably delicious.

Drawing on the tradition of marinating fresh peaches (for which Veneto is rightly famous) in wine, the Bellini blends puréed white peach with prosecco (another quaint local speciality, as you may be aware), bolstered by peach schnapps to bring the party.

It was created by Giuseppe Cipriani at Harry’s Bar, Venice, in 1945, and named for the Venetian painter Giovanni Bellini, who favoured rich pink hues in his work. The profile of Harry’s—and, inevitably, the Bellini—was raised by the patronage of several celebrity guests during its 1930s heyday, including Charlie Chaplin and Ernest Hemmingway. Indeed, it became so famous that it was declared part of Italy’s national heritage in 2001. 

While cocktail devotees still make the pilgrimage to Harry’s, it is a drab, diminished, cynical affair these days, with sky-high prices and careless service. The Bellini, however, stands as a true legacy to its glory days.


60ml peach purée

10ml peach schnapps

7.5ml lemon juice

60ml Prosecco

Method: Shake peach, schnapps and lemon juice with ice, then strain into a chilled flute glass filled with Prosecco. Garnish with a thin slice of white peach.

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