Welcome to Lazio

We’re making a return to Italy, indulging in the best wineries and wines from the Lazio region.


Encompassing Rome and stretching along the beautiful Tyrrhenian Sea coast, Lazio is enjoying something of a moment among Italian wine devotees. The region experiences a Mediterranean climate, with warm, dry summers and mild winters. Cooling sea breezes provide relief during the scorching summer months, giving winemakers everything to need to create wines with vibrant acidity and expressive fruit flavours.

The region’s most famous contribution to the wine world is undoubtedly Frascati. Renowned for its crispness and aromatic finesse, Frascati is primary a product of the indigenous Malvasia and Trebbiano grapes. Its origins date back to ancient Rome, where it was known as the wine of emperors and poets.

Lazio is also home to lesser-known vinous treasures, such as Cesanese, which love the region’s volcanic soils and produces captivating red wines of deep ruby hues and velvety texture. 

Beyond the wine, Lazio is rammed to the gills with historical landmarks and cultural treasures, from the ruins of ancient Rome to the picturesque hilltop towns of Frascati and Marino.

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