Cantine San Marco

Cantine San Marco


Sometimes beautiful things are born in unexpected situations. This is certainly true of Umberto Notarnicola and Bruno Violo, two men who, despite their origins being traditionally tied to regions of great red wines, were able to create the most important private wine company in the province of Rome. Their passion for wine and the charming territory of the Roman Castles pushed the pair to go beyond their Piedmontese (Bruno) and Apulian (Umberto) origins, with the creation, in 1972, of a winery on the hill of San Marco, from which the company takes its name.

The innovative challenge undertaken by Umberto and Bruno of founding a wine company which would mainly produce Frascati, the wine of the zone par excellence, aiming however for a high quality product, has appeared to be a winning choice. 

In founding a wine company which would mainly produce Frascati, one of the region’s premium styles, the pair certainly set themselves a challenge, but it has undeniably paid off. Today, the winery’s reputation for excellence spreads far beyond the region; a reputation that is today maintained with passion and dedication by their sons, Danilo Notarnicola and Pietro Violo. Thanks to them, the innovative approach established by their fathers has been taken further, with the introduction of new grape varieties and showcasing the most important native varieties of Lazio.

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