Ciù Ciù

Ciù Ciù


A story of real multi-generational graft, Ciù Ciù has its roots in the 1970s, when sharecroppers Natalino and Anna Bartolomei saved enough money to buy 20 hectares of their own vineyards, which Natalino planted with only native varieties. The early years were hard; the couple set up a wine cellar and an agritourism business to help the cash flow, and Natalino took a second job as a truck driver. Some 50 years later though, their passion project is a modern, professional winery with 180 hectares under vine, highly awarded, and a pioneer of organic viticulture in the region. It’s core principles, however—indigenous varietals, organic from start to finish, and family value—remain as strong as ever.

When Natalino and Anna’s children took over the reins in 1994, it was a real turning point, with a new focus on the international markets, a major investment in production capability, and an expansion into other geographical areas.

One of these, Poggiomasso, was established in 2014. The winery and its vineyards are located in Rocca and Sinibalda in the east part of Sabina, in the heights of the Turano valley. Here lays a natural micro climate that unfolds from the south eastern borders of Piana di Rieti towards Carsoli through Turano lake, all surrounded by deep forest and green grasses.

Ciù Ciù has been certified organic since 1996, a move which has set it apart from its competitors, pre-empting wider trends and—the winery says—dramatically improving the quality of its wine without affecting yield, thanks to the relatively dry, breezy conditions of its vineyards. It has also been certified vegan since 2014.

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