Vini Vannelli

Vini Vannelli


The Vannelli winery was founded at the end of the 1940s by Augusto Vannelli, a great promotor of Lazio and a leading figure in the Palestrina wine sector. In time, his son Goffredo took the helm and completely reorganised the company, expanding the cellar and renewing the bottling line. He also acquired 37 hectares of organically managed vineyards in the Tuscia Viterbese, in the municipality of Bomarzo. All this has allowed the company to diversify the range of products offered, maintaining a close link with its territory. In recent years, Goffredo’s young sons, Lorenzo and Luca have also joined the company, each carrying out their own task, Lorenzo for the production, Luca for the work in the cellar.

The company’s vineyards are planted on volcanic soil, around 200m above sea level. These lands have been used for viticulture since Etruscan times, and are today carpeted in vines trained in the high spurred cordon system, to preserve the wild fauna for which it is widely recognised.

Grapes are grown and elaborated according to the family’s many years of experience gained in the field, but also under the guidance of a staff of qualified oenologists. The processing and bottling is carried out entirely at a company-owned facility with the aid of cutting-edge equipment and techniques, guaranteeing the organoleptic characteristics of the wine and presenting it to wine lovers in the best possible condition.

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