Aegir Project

One of Capetown’s most exciting brewery/taproom/restaurant experiences


Contrary to the frosty, Nordic scenes its name may conjure, Aegir Project is set in a South African sea-front paradise, where head brewer and owner Rory Lancellas has created one of Capetown’s most exciting brewery/taproom/restaurant experiences. Once you get over the initial wave of cognitive dissonance, the name does actually make a lot of sense; an ocean-lover himself, Rory apparently felt a strong affinity to Aegir, the Norse god of the sea, who is said to brew ale under the ocean for all the gods and provide a warm welcome to his halls.

It may not quite be Asgard, but this family-friendly brewery tap in Noordhoek, Cape Town, has grown in to a real local favourite since opening its doors in 2015, and has now set its sights on winning more UK fans. While the neighbourhood may have a reputation for being laid back, Rory is a self-confessed perfectionist, to the point that he didn’t trust any of the minutiae of running a brewery – from mashing in to cleaning the lines – to anyone else until 2017.

Rory and Carey

Although South Africa’s craft scene was in full flow by 2015, most local drinkers were still very focused on lager, so it’s little surprise that Rory’s inaugural brew was a California Common; refreshing and crisp, but with pleasing layers of herbal complexity. Needless to say it was a huge hit, and proved to be a gateway for many converts, who gradually progressed onto Aegir’s Giant IPA, which is now the brewery’s biggest seller.

An experimental brewery by nature, Aegir Project releases a new beer almost every week. Alongside its core range of Red Rye, California Common, Midnight Porter, and hugely popular IPAs, it keeps itself (and its fans) entertained with innovative beers like watermelon wheat beer, ice cream key lime pie sour, limited-edition barrel-aged beer-wine hybrids, and decadent dessert stouts.

Today, Rory and his partner (in life and brewing) Carey make the perfect team; Rory the tempest brewing over the Atlantic, Carey the serene, bottomless blue beneath, ensuring Aegir Project continues to run like a dream.

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