Lost+Found A.BL:

• • • Best Session IPA • • •


Since launching its highly acclaimed JuJu Juice 2.8% DDH session IPA at the end of 2019, Sussex’s Lost + Found brewing has been having a whale of a time at the lower end of the ABV spectrum, with head brewer and all-round creative powerhouse Chris Angelkov finding ever more inventive ways to cram massive character into a small package.

“The younger demographic are very interested in more sessionable beers,” says Chris. “A lot of them are really into keeping fit and looking good on social media; they wouldn’t get caught being sick into a hedge.

“There are obviously more of those beers out there now, but we wanted to see if we could push it beyond what had been done before. Coming from brewing a lot of big beers, I think our concern was that lower alcohol suggests it’s going to be lacking in some departments. So it couldn’t just be about chasing a trend for us; we had to make beer we’re proud of, that we’d want to drink ourselves.”

The beer in this month’s box, a DDH session IPA named All Systems Go, is the culmination of all that hard work, and a great example of the technical advances Chris has made on his garage pilot kit.

“I like getting into the science and numbers of recipe creation, balancing the components of the beer to make it work,” says Chris. “I’ve always done that from day one and that feels particularly important for session-strength beers. So I put in the time and effort up front, acquire the ingredients and keep brewing until I get the effect I want.”

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