Mobberley Brewhouse

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We couldn’t be happier that you lovely lot have picked Mobberley Brewhouse for this year’s Member’s Choice award. This is a real brewer’s brewery, a place where everything is driven by a love of beer, of brewing, and of the culture that surrounds it. In an industry where spending more than a few years in the same place is too often seen as a character flaw, Mobberley’s close-knit team of loyal employees seem more like a family, bonded by their deep affection for British brewing.

Known now for its bold, juicy IPAs and imperial stouts, Mobberley Brewhouse began with owner and co-founder James Roberts and his dad Phil sitting in their local, bemoaning the lack of standout, sessionable cask beer. After putting up with their carping for a respectably polite amount of time, the landlord suggested that rather than moan about it, they should do it themselves.

In a fit of impulse buying that surely makes your lockdown purchase of a stand-up paddleboard seem pretty restrained, the pair bought a small kit from Wincle Beer Co, which was expanding at the time, and set out to teach themselves how to brew on the job. The new brewers got to work developing recipes for the sort of cask beer they had wanted to drink at the pub, and soon they had their own range of beers they could be proud of, and a newfound respect for the art of brewing.

The shift to bolder, more modern styles happened after James finished university, went travelling and returned from America with a taste for fresh flavours and boisterous, hop-forward beer styles. This fusion of cutting edge US craft and English drinkability struck a chord, and by 2017, Mobberley had a brand new tap room and shop, with a 20bbl kit to meet demand for its craft-inspired cask brews, and a can and keg range ready to launch.

Since then, the brewery has gone from strength to strength, increasing its reach across the UK and broadening its base of loyal fans. It continues to fuse the best elements of traditional brewing with a distinctly crafty sensibility; for example, its ‘cask concept’ range allows its brewers to really flex their imaginations and technical chops, giving them free rein to bring in whatever ingredients and techniques they want.

“Sometimes the brewers just want to make a fantastic DIPA with hops and yeast they can’t normally get hold of,” explains brand ambassador Rick. “Maybe what they really want is to brew a NEIPA with Galaxy. That’s what the concept range is for.”

On top of concept cask, Mobberley Brewhouse has developed over the past couple of years a selection of seasonal IPAs. These four beers look and taste similar, but actually change to suit the season.

“Of course, there are beers for all seasons,” says Rick, “But sometimes in the spring you want something a little lighter, in winter you fancy something with a bit more of a malty backbone. We tweak the hop and malt profile of this one beer, modifying the recipe slightly, so that it matches up with the time of year.”

Mobberley Brewhouse has spent a full decade building a brewery exactly the way it wanted to, respecting both tradition and innovation, following the ideas that interested the team and quietly becoming one of the best loved brands in UK craft. Particularly at a time when our little community has been forced to search its soul and question its values, Mobberley’s simple dedication feels like something we should treasure.

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