Turning Point Brew Co.

• • • You've come a long way, baby • • •


A new gong for this year’s line- up, The ‘You’ve come a long way, baby’ Award recognises the brewery that has best delivered on its potential over the past 12 months, and Knaresborough’s Turning Point is the runaway victor. 2019’s Raise the Bar competition winner clearly got off to a strong start, but has managed to keep that momentum going even through lockdown, with its great beer getting out to even more drinkers and a host of exciting plans now bearing fruit.

“Our tap room is now properly open!” grins a characteristically ebullient Cameron, one of Turning Point’s founders. “We’re putting on more and more live events, including music and art on certain weekends, and a different street food vendor each weekend we open. We’ve also been busy brewing for pubs once again, which means we’ve been getting to a few styles we haven’t been able to brew over the last 18 months. Most notably our lager and bitter are heading out properly to pubs now for the first time. We live for cask beer, so it’s been great getting back to that as a big part of what we do.

“We’re also super chuffed to be back at tap takeovers and festivals up and down the country. We started the brewery with a view to having as much fun out in the world as possible, so it’s been great to get that back.”

Turning Point has its heart in brewing for cask, but is probably best known in the wider craft world for cramming impossible amounts of character into relatively low-ABV pales and IPAs. Obviously this has been something of a trend over the past couple of years, but Cameron and the team have elevated it to something on the level of witchcraft.

“We want the drinking experience to be as close as possible to what you’d expect from our higher ABV brews,” he says. “Using more hops only gets you so far; you need to balance this out with residual sweetness and body. We achieve this with a low attenuating yeast, and by making our mash as inefficient as possible. So, a dangerously high mash temperature, and plenty of oats and wheat too. We’ve been tinkering with this format for the last four years or so and love where we’re at with it.

“'Become the Data' is another existential musing, which, alongside Peep Show references, is becoming a bit of a trend in our beer naming process! We’ve been watching too much Black Mirror perhaps. The label makes use of our house pink colour, which you can find on plenty of our designs. The beer is effectively a smaller version of one of our semi regular IPAs, Space Ritual. The balance of Citra, Mosaic, and Simcoe is something we can’t keep away from!

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