Free Assembly

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In many ways, Free Assembly’s Kristalweizen is the perfect beer to compare with the other German brew in our box this month; at once the perfect complement and total opposite to Buro’s unfiltered pilsner. Unlike more common barley- based beers, the Kristalweizen (meaning Crystal Wheat) is brewed with wheat and hefeweizen yeast, a “top fermenting” ale yeast that remains in suspension after fermentation and gives rise to the characteristic wholesome cloudiness. 

The floral, citrusy freshness it retains from its yeast makes it the perfect drink to share with friends on a hot day; an atmosphere that artist Johanna Walderdorff wanted to instill in the beer’s label. This yellow, blue and white label is reminiscent of a clear sky on a hot day, and invokes, as Walderdorff intended, a beer garden in summer, frequented by the mild and occasional breeze, and the cat that is inevitably resident in all establishments where good beer is drunk.

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