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This year’s winner of the gold award for European brewing is one of the most loved and respected names in the craft drinking world. In the early 2010s, To Øl was instrumental in popularising the concept of cuckoo brewing, using other breweries’ spare capacity for its output for almost a decade. But in 2019, it took over a former food factory in the Western part of Zealand to create its very own brewery (and “craft beverage hub”), To Øl city.

Even in the short time since we last spoke to the brewery, it has doubled its capacity and added exciting new elements to the already sprawling and ambitious To Øl City, including the grand opening of its beer garden, sandwiched between the brewery and its ‘Gargantua’ distilling project. There are a host of other exciting developments on their way, some on the drawing board and others close to fruition. If you don’t already, follow @toolcitylife on Instagram, for regular weird, entertaining and consistently impressive updates.

To Øl City beer garden

Our panel of judges applauded ToØl’s unwavering ambition in the face of global uncertainty, as well as its consistently excellent beers and role as a standard-bearer for European brewing as a whole.


Nice To Malt You Nice To Malt You is the house brown ale at BRUS, To Øl’s beloved brewpub in Copenhagen. It's a brown malt driven ale, but don't let that fool you: it's beautifully articulated, with clear notes of nuts, coffee and caramel, and a crisp mouthfeel. “Nice to Malt You is an old friend, and very close to our hearts,” says the brewery’s Sam Anderson. “It's never before been packaged, only poured straight from the serving tank. It feels surreal to send this one into orbit.”

Cloud 9 Wit 2.0 You've probably had To Øl’s classic wit before, but with version 2.0 the brewery invites you to think again. It’s added more “umphff” to the mix, re-shaping the original recipe to match its new brewhouse at To Øl City – fresh orange peel, coriander and a good handful of Hallertauer Spelter/Traditional in the whirlpool, topped off with “a little sprinkle of Strata hops” – for a more aromatic, richer and juicier brew.

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