Best Beer Podcast

Good Beer Hunting (gold) and The Craft Beer Channel (silver)


This year, as well as our brewery winners, we’ve picked out some of the best bits of wider beer culture for a special nod. First up, we have two of our all-time favourite podcasts.

Despite being a relatively old medium now, podcasting has risen in prominence in the beer world over the past few years, partly thanks to lower technical barriers for would-be stars. Podcasting platforms have never been easier to use, and scratchy laptop microphones have been replaced by affordable, broadcast-quality solutions from the likes of RØDE (the official award sponsor), whose kit we use on our own One For The Road podcast.

• • • Best Beer Podcast • • • GOLD


Become More Knowledgeable About Brewing, Beer And Beer Culture With This One Simple Trick. Subscribe to the Good Beer Hunting podcast. That’s it. You’re welcome.

GBH is a real institution, with a rotating panel of great hosts, the best guests and topic selection that always manages to be timely. It sits firmly at the more journalistic end of the beer podcast spectrum, tied as it is to the Good Beer Hunting blog and website. This means it’s prepared to take on some of the thornier issues in our little paradise, as well as interviews with interesting characters and deep dives into the more technical aspects of beer appreciation.

Production-wise, it’s always been kind of a benchmark, with excellent sound, professional editing and reasonably tight formatting; while each episode can run pretty long, it rarely falls into the perennial beer podcast trap of two dudes waffling aimlessly about whatever beer-related nonsense floats into their heads. Reason enough to keep coming back for more.

As the team of regular contributors has grown, so has the diversity of voices – another area in which most other beer podcasts are woefully lacking – which again contributes to the overall sense that GBH is being driven by a real sense of purpose.

Seriously, if you don’t already, subscribe today and enhance the size of your beer knowledge with this all-natural solution.

• • • Best Beer Podcast • • • SILVER


Okay, so this is technically a YouTube channel, with an accompanying podcast called The Bubble, but can we let that slide? Jonny Garrett and Brad Evans, founders and hosts of this phenomenally fun corner of the beer world certainly would, such is their style.

Brad and Jonny, the founders

Since it launched in 2013, CBC has scooped awards far more prestigious than this one, as well as garnering a cult following of 75,000 active subscribers and 3.5m views. It’s been featured on Jamie Oliver’s Food Tube, BBC Radio 4 and London Live, and yes, Jonny is also a regular on Good Beer Hunting – the man’s a machine.

The show’s success is undoubtedly driven by one simple but often neglected truism: that beer is meant to be fun. With this in mind, Jonny and Brad’s eclectic adventures see them get up to all sorts of mischief – from cooking and cocktail making to brewing up creations of their own – and, while the beer is perfectly serious, it’s pretty much the only thing that is. Combine this easy-osey approach with two hosts who are so completely natural on camera that it feels like they’re talking just to you, and you have a show that will definitely make you happier and may even teach you something along the way.

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