Tooth & Claw

Introducing a sub-brand of Camerons Brewery


On the face of it, Tooth & Claw is every inch the modern craft brewery. Its stock-in-trade is the kind of fruit adjunct beers and juicy New World IPAs that make some traditionalists roll their eyes in quiet despair.

Yet this brewery is more than meets the eye, thanks to a somewhat unusual arrangement, under which it can draw on the expertise and resources of Camerons, its larger, much more traditionally-focused sister brewery. The brewery at Camerons has been producing beer for well over 150 years and there are no fewer than four internationally recognised master brewers working there.

Its younger brewers develop exciting new ideas and, working alongside the main brewery team, challenge each other to create new beer styles and flavour combinations. All of Tooth & Claw’s new, experimental brews are initially created on a 0.5 HL trial kit, and there are no restrictions placed on the brew team’s creativity in the development of fresh ideas.

The brewery’s Yousef Doubooni explains: “The skills of the experienced team complement the enthusiastic ideas of the younger brewers, who are prepared to push new concepts and show what they love about modern craft beers and brewing.

“We quite often set a subject style and ask our brewers to create their own version. Recently we have done this with lagers, IPAs and ‘wine’ styles, letting the brewers create, within the style parameters, their own interpretations on these classics. From there we taste and decide if any are worth launching. In some cases, we launch the best two by style together and let the consumers choose which they like best.”

This respect for traditional style is a thread that runs through Tooth & Claw’s beers. Underneath every adjunct or attentiongrabbing variation there is a rock-solid base, often drawn from the pantheon of old-school English brewing.

“Most of our beers are based on classic styles but with a modern twist,” confirms Yousef. “Using new world hop varieties, novel techniques and different adjuncts we are able to create beers with a solid pedigree but which also offer something new. We love looking at some of the classic styles like Dubbels, Trippels, Gose, Barley Wines, Wit etc and creating our own take on these.

“Our Rubus Cubus stout is an example of this. At its heart, it is a solid, well-crafted traditional UK stout base. A combination of wheat and dark malts gives it the rich black colour, chocolate and coffee notes and velvety smooth taste. Added to this is real fruit raspberry purée and molasses to give it a gentle fruity flavour and velvety treacle finish.”

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