Wiper and True

Expansion is on the cards for Bristolian favourites


Wiper and True has been around since 2010, initially as a nomadic brewery using kits across the country, and then since 2014 in its facility in St Werburghs, Bristol. But, ever on a quest to improve and refine its craft and business, expansion is on the cards for the brewery, with a new site scheduled to be up and running by summer 2022. 

This new site will be in the Old Market area of the city, and will allow Wiper and True to meet demand for its beers, but also to build what the team hopes will become one of the best brewery taprooms in the UK. There’s a huge outdoor area to play with, and plans for street food pop-ups, as well as a spacious indoor area with views into the brewing and production floor, so customers can see what truly goes on in the day-to-day workings of a brewery. 

The bigger space will allow the team to brew even more beer, with a greater focus on quality and control, as well as bring out some new styles, build an environmentally sustainable plant, and create an all-round better working environment. 

This scaling up comes following Wiper and True’s expansion in early 2020 into the Barrel Store round the corner from the current brewery, which houses a few extra tanks, and has dozens of barrels lining the walls filled with exciting beer at different stages of ageing. Once the new site is open, the old brewery in St Werburghs will become the new mixed fermentation brewery and barrel store - there will be a smaller brew kit for experimental batches, plus 200 barrels, foedres, and fresh tank beer pouring, as the taproom in the current brewery will stay. 

One of Wiper and True’s core values is to uphold sustainable brewing practices where possible, something which will be even more easily achievable once the new site is in operation. There will be a huge solar array, heat recovery methods, and the team is even looking into potential for CO2 recovery and re-use, as well as investing in an efficient brew house that will save around 10% on raw materials. 

With its other primary value being to maintain an inclusive, respectful and supportive workplace for its staff, and a friendly and welcoming environment for its taproom customers, Wiper and True is the perfect example of how to create a truly holistic brewery that is a force for good; and just as the team learned from industry leaders when the brewery was in its inception, it has now become one that other breweries should be looking to for inspiration. 

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