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Gardoš Pub

For good beer and some of the best views over Belgrade, look no further than Gardoš. Its outdoor terrace is a sun-trap in the summer and a snuggly cosy den in winter (unless it’s snowing), and the beer selection is more ‘good pints’ than ‘craft beer offerings’ - it’s certainly a unique wee spot to while away an evening. 

PHOTO: Gardoš Pub view (Facebook)

Bar Central

This popular cocktail bar is staffed by award-winning mixologists, and is also the HQ for the Bartenders’ Association of Serbia and where budding bartenders come to train. Expect fresh takes on classic cocktails, and inventive unique drinks - there are hundreds of options to choose from, including over a dozen variations on the Negroni. Definitely worth visiting!

PHOTO: Bar Central (Facebook)



Although it only opened in 2014, Kabinet was central to the craft beer boom in Belgrade. Harnessing a love for tasty brews across a wide range of styles which have garnered it several prestigious beer awards, this brewery is just as influential now as it was seven years ago - it’s the Balkans’ first greenfield brewery with its own chunk of land. Its taproom is also one of the city’s go-to spots for any beer lover.

PHOTO: Kabinet Brewery (website)


With two beers in this month's box and one of the most fun taprooms you'll ever visit, you simply need to add Dogma to your Belgrade itinerary. Ask for Vlada.  

PHOTO: Dogma Brewery (Facebook)

The Black Turtle

A real trailblazer of the Belgrade beer scene, the Black Turtle has been brewing up exciting, flavour-forward beers since 2010 when craft beer wasn’t even a thing in Belgrade. It has a handful of its own pubs across the city, and any resident will quickly usher you to one of them if you’re in need of a pint since they’re all very much beloved among beer drinkers. 

PHOTO: The Black Turtle (Instagram)

Kompas Pivo

With a desire to merge the much-loved West Coast beer scene in the US and traditional European brewing traditions, Kompas has been producing some of the tastiest beers in Belgrade using carefully-selected ingredients since 2015. 

PHOTO: Kompas Pivo (Facebook)


Pekara Trpković

This family-run bakery has been in operation for over 100 years, and serves up the best burek in the city (those delicious filo pastries filled with things like meat, cheese, spinach or potatoes). Expect a queue.

PHOTO: Pekara Trpković (Facebook)


Beautiful design and modern, creative dishes make this fine-dining restaurant one of the most popular places in the city to come for a fancy meal. The artistry in the presentation of the dishes is so wonderful you’ll struggle to want to eat your food.

PHOTO: Enso (website)


Everything served at this classy deli-cum-restaurant is sourced from Serbia, from the meats, cheeses and vegetables to the wines and spirits. We recommend going in a group so you can order loads of the small plates and the roast meat platters.

PHOTO: Manifaktura (Facebook)


Go shopping at night

Belgrade’s Night Markets are a real hidden gem in the city - they take place around once a month, always on a Friday, and at a different location each time. The idea is to revive traditional greengrocer markets, but also showcase local restaurants, independent designers, delicatessens, artists and drinksmongers at its stalls. There’s always live entertainment too.

PHOTO: Aleksa Vukomanović Photography

Go to the beach

Yes, Belgrade is landlocked. But, along the shore of Lake Sava, just outside of the city centre, lie about 6km of manmade beaches that attract thousands of visitors during the summer months. The beaches are impeccably maintained, and there are also sports courts, restaurants and cafes, and at night some of these turn into late-night bars and clubs. 

PHOTO: Björn Söderqvist (CC BY-SA 2.0)

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