Drinkers for Ukraine

Solidarity for our friends to the East


This March, Craft breweries, cider makers, wineries, and drinkers across the world came together for a series of events, to raise funds and show solidarity for their friends and peers in Ukraine. Led by Lana Svitankova, writer, translator, educator and Ukraine’s first ever certified Cicerone, the call for support has – at the time of writing – raised nearly €50,000 to support the International Red Cross humanitarian relief effort, thanks entirely to the generosity of the drinks industry and individual donors, just a few of whom are listed on the page opposite.

The first part of the project was an online auction, organised in just a few days, in which businesses and individuals dug into their cellars, bookshelves and garages, for special booze-related items to sell off. The response was phenomenal, and saw everything from white whale beers to works of art and beery experiences going under the hammer.

Next came an ambitious global collaboration brew: an ‘anti-imperial beetroot stout’ dubbed RESIST, developed by Ukrainian brewers. From a base recipe, brewers were invited to create and interpret freely, with a request that a portion of the proceeds go to the Red Cross fund. Astonishingly, almost 80 breweries took up the challenge, from Brazil, South Africa, Chile, Canada, New Zealand, Japan and across the breadth of Europe.

Finally, the month of activity reached its finale with a three-hour live-streamed telethon, hosted by Lana, Beer52’s Doug Garry and beer writer Eoghan Walsh. It included live music, debate, educational presentations and, of course, plenty of quality beery chat. 

“The degree of support we’ve received from our international friends has meant so much,” says Lana. “The goal of Drinkers for Ukraine was to channel this solidarity into real, practical help for the people dealing with the devastating consequences of this tragic and illegal war. It isn’t hyperbole to say this is a matter of life and death for millions of people, who still urgently need our help - in whatever way we can provide it.”


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