Restore Our Earth

Welcome to Restore Our Earth collaboration festival 2022


In this very special issue of Ferment, we lift the lid on the Restore Our Earth project, a major international collaboration between Beer52, The Garden Brewery and 16 amazing breweries from 16 countries. Our goal is to raise awareness of the role craft brewing can and should play in tackling climate change, and to raise money for seven action-focused environmental charities. 

In the Summer of 2022, 1.5 million cans will be distributed globally, with The Garden Brewery and Beer52 donating a minimum of €30,000 to charities with proven high impact in marine conservation, forest conservation, reimagining carbon, education and behaviour, food and agriculture and building climate resistant communities.

We selected our seven charity partners with help from Tythe, a non-profit that works with The EQ Foundation, which curated a small yet diverse group of high impact charities with a proven track record of getting things done. All these charities are unrelenting in their approach, with projects ranging from implementing environmental law, to securing marine protected areas, to planting trees: bold, action-focused environmental initiatives.

As well as an initial donation of €12,000 each, The Garden Brewery and Beer52 have agreed to match fund a further €6,000 (€30,000 in total) of donations from our drinkers, members and Ferment readers.

Over the coming pages, we’ll meet the forward-thinking breweries involved in this exciting project, each of which is taking steps – big and small, global and local – to become a better environmental citizen. We’ll also look at the inspiring work of the seven charities who will be putting your donations to work.

Beer52 co-founder James Brown says: “As an industry, we need to take more responsibility for our environmental impact. Sometimes that means the big, sexy initiatives, and sometimes it means just getting better with the small, day-to-day stuff, like using more recycled materials and less plastic. Often, the first step is just taking an honest look at our existing impacts and recognising we can do better.

“That’s the important message of Restore Our Earth. The breweries we’re working with are all different sizes and at different stages in their journey. Whether they’re installing carbon capture or giving their spent grain to farmers though, every single one is totally committed to doing more. And so are we.”

The Restore Our Earth Project would not have been possible without the support of every partner, including Garden and Tythe, but also the huge generosity of our hop supplier Barthhaas X and can provider Ball Cans. We are so grateful for your enthusiastic contribution.

Through the initial investment of €24k, some of the immediate, quantifiable impacts include:

3,600,000m2 land protected

4,500,000L clean water provided

£39,199 carbon removal funding

19,000 oysters restored

220kg litter removed

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