One Drop

A do-it-all Australian brewery


One Drop Brewing Co hails from Botany, Australia, and was founded in 2019 by locals Meg Barbic and Clay Grant, who wanted a local space where people could connect, express themselves, and be creative. It specialises in avant-garde IPAs and boundary-pushing sours, while also making traditional lagers, and working on barrel ageing, blending, and wild fermentation, all alongside an in-house distilling program. 

Aside from being bosom buddies with Garden – knowing it since its inception by way of its original Head Brewer, Nick Calder Scholes, now One Drop’s head of production – this small Aussie brewery’s emphasis on connection is what drove it towards participation in the Restore Our Earth collaboration. “A project like this really resonates, almost in its entirety, with us and we had to jump on board. There are a lot of crazy things going on in the world right now, but staying connected, across borders, with friends and family has never been more important,” says Nick. What better a way to connect, than for a cause that literally affects every living being on Earth?

Sustainability is baked into One Drop, with byproducts of the brewing process frequently used to create more of what makes the brewery unique. For example, One Drop works with a lot of fruit in the brewery, and now incorporates ‘waste’ parts (like the skins, seeds, and flesh) into liqueurs and flavoured gins in its distillery; they’re called ‘second life liqueurs’. One Drop is also on its way to B-Corp and Carbon Neutral certification, with a range of carbon-reducing measures now operating in its brewing system, taproom, and waste processing. It also uses carbon-neutral delivery and an offset for all of staff’s travel to and from work.

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