The Piggy

The French brewery fattening the spirit of brewing sustainably


The Piggy Brewing Company hails from Liverdun, a commune in north-eastern France, just a half-hour drive from Lorraine, a true seat of epicurean bliss when it comes to food and philosophy. Like the pig, a deeply social animal of profound intelligence and indulgence, The Piggy Brewing Company’s philosophy and aspiration is to fatten the spirit, which on this occasion also means taking a little extra care to preserve the environment and the wider world we all exist in. 

“We are definitely obsessed with waste, particularly selecting and cleaning it before sending it for recycling” says brewery co-owner Lorenzo Gambav. “For example, we’ve installed a massive tank under the floor of the brewery, which collects and filters water-loaded waste from the brewing process, before sending cleaner water to the sewage system. It also sounds so obvious to mention, but we’re extremely vigilant of our water consumption, and constantly challenge ourselves to use less water in our production planning.”

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