Meet Hércules, an exciting brewery based in central Mexico


Hércules is a small craft brewery located in the city of Querétaro, an area in the semidesert or Bajio region of Central Mexico. Based in an old textile factory that was built in 1847 and originally known as “Fabrica Textil El Hércules”, this young brewery has embraced the history of El Hércules since it was founded in 2011. It strives and has succeeded in making the institution its own; integrating a beer garden, music venue, hotel, artisanal shops, and co-working space into the building, and brewing all kinds of beer, from traditional Bavarian and Bohemian-style lagers to Farmhouse, Belgian and British Ales, barrel-aged beers to Lambic-style spontaneously fermented beers. 

When asked why they got involved in this collaboration, Josh Brengle, Hércules’ Head Brewer, says that “As brewers, we all too often find ourselves caught up with other priorities. We find ourselves working on our short-term goals but we miss the big, long-term picture. To us, the short-term picture is irrelevant if we don’t start taking action now to create a more sustainable future. We hope through this collaboration, we can raise awareness about sustainability and change the tides for us, that is our long-term goal.”

And they’re not all talk either; Hércules uses solar water heating panels to heat much of the brewery’s hot water, reducing its steam energy usage by a third, and utilises a biomass boiler to generate the rest. Adding to this, in 2019 Hércules started a community-based initiative with the mission of restoring and protecting a local river that was badly polluted due to unregulated waste dumping by local farmers. The brewery recognised the river as vital to the wellbeing of the surrounding society, wildlife and ecosystem and so organised nine public river cleanup meetings to create awareness, while pushing the authorities to take action on the matter. The cleanup meetings united more than 2000 citizens and collected a total of eight tons of waste.

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